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19 hours ago
By shelly

The VIP shop will be closed

Cinque Terre


one week ago
By shelly

Private Information

Cinque Terre


2 month ago
By shelly

We are upgrading!

Cinque Terre



TDM HighXP 0/40 mp_convoy(war)
TDM Promod 0/16 mp_backlot(war)
TDM Nuketown 0/16 mp_nuketown(war)
Toujane Sniper SD 0/20 mp_toujane_beta(sd)
SD Nuketown 0/20 mp_nuketown(sd)
Sniper FFA PML 4/16 mp_sfs_minecraft(dm)
HC FFA HighXP 0/24 mp_bloc(dm)
Teamspeak 3-/--/-ts.sfs-cod4.de



TOP 3 Players

1.Charlie Fr48901 Kills
2.[SFS]NeoToxin48252 Kills
3.NEKS46569 Kills

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